Slim Woman Drinking Wine Making

Slim Woman Drinking Wine Making - It has a slender body that many do. Not only through regular exercise, proportionate body also can be obtained by drinking wine or red wine regularly.

Research carried out on 20 thousand women in a Boston hospital. More than 13 years, those who consume wine regularly. This custom was able to maintain their ideal body portion as compared with women who do not drink wine.

The good news again, wine was also not only benefit the body slimming, there are many other health benefits, quoted from page Betty Confidential.

Because the benefits of wine contained in it in 1991 and then, red wine sales in France jumped sharply, as reported in the French Paradox program that aired on the show 60 Minutes.

Now, the benefits of wine have been widespread across the world, both through media and word of mouth. So, wants to know more benefits of drinking wine for women, the following explanation.

• Small chances of having kidney stone problems

• Reducing the risk of stroke

• A study states that women who consume wine in moderation tend to have a long life

• Drinking wine can reduce the likelihood of upper digestive tract cancers

• Anti-oxidants in wine can reduce the risk of cancer

• wine drinkers have a lower chance of developing diabetes

Summary results of this study based on research compiled a wine shop in New Jersey.

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