Mystery About Epilepsy

Mystery About Epilepsy - Someone who has epilepsy is often ostracized. In fact, they can live normal healthy people. For it is very important to know information about epilepsy, mainly so you do not misunderstanding about this disease.

According to dr. Jofizal Jannis, a neurologist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, epilepsy is similar to the electric current relationship that occurs in the brain. When attacks occur, can cause seizures, killing consciousness, feelings, muscle cramps, dark vision, or a combination of these symptoms.

The cause of epilepsy can be easily known but may also be without cause. "A common cause is high heat, impact on the head, infectious diseases, the pressure on the brain, or chemical imbalances. Often these attacks occurred as if without cause," said dr. Jofizal.

To find out the cause in detail, must be thorough medical examination. But the most important thing is knowing how to act right when you see brothers, relatives or other people who have epilepsy.

Here are some actions you should do, as quoted from information pamphlets Epilepsy Clinic, Department of Neurology, Hospital Cipto Mangunkusumo.

- Stay calm

When viewing a person stricken with epilepsy, avoid being panicked. Try to stay calm. This will be far more helpful and you can think better to act more appropriately.

- Tilt the head

Tilt the patient's head toward the side to prevent blockage of the respiratory tract.

- Do not give drinks

Do not put something like a spoon in the mouth of someone who is stricken with epilepsy, including giving beverage. Do not also try to stop attacks by arresting or shake.

- Bring to a safer place

Send the patient to a more secure, calm and quiet when the attack has been completed. Patients usually are still confused and not know what happened.

- Check your doctor

Immediately to the hospital if this is the first attack or if the attacks are considered different or longer than the form of previous attacks.

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