Important Rules For Wearing Contact Lenses

Important Rules For Wearing Contact Lenses - Experiencing a minus but lazy eye wear glasses? Or want to look trendy with brown eyes? Wearing contact lenses are a practical choice. But remember, there are rules that need to be considered before wearing it.

Do not let your eye health is at stake. Note the advice and restrictions surrounding the use of contact lenses following:

Wash hands
The most important thing before wearing contact lenses is to wash hands with soap. This is to avoid contamination of bacteria from the hands onto the lenses that can infect the eye.

Always clean the lens in contact with the liquid disinfectant every day. Make sure the water in storage is always there, because the contact lens dry easily when not in use.

Limit consumption
Never wear contact lenses for 24 hours. Or, wear it while sleeping. It makes eyes feel tired and at risk of infection. Your eyes also need to rest and breathe.

Rest your eyes
Way, see the object in focus for about 20 seconds. You can do this 10 to 15 times a day. Then we suggest you use contact lenses as recommended by your eye doctor.

Use before makeup
To avoid contamination, pairs of contact lenses first before you use the trappings.

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